Monday, November 17, 2008

Insert sound of a...wookiee

Well...I think this is one of those tattoos that looks way better in real life than on pictures. I was really happy to get to do a Star Wars tattoo and it was fun to do Chewie as a old school tattoo. It was a strugle to minimize the use of details and I actually had to redraw the design 4 times to make it more and more simple. Next time we go back to Japan we will do someone else from Star Wars on the other foot. Maybe Yoda. Maybe Greedo. Maybe Jabba...who knows?

This other piece was this little guys first tattoo and was originally ment to be a small piece on one side of his chest but Hata talked him into getting a full chestpiece. Why the owl had to be a viking I don't really know but it's cool! To be continued next year.

Not the picture post I was hopeing for but I promised a picture of a wookiee so here it was.


Flora Amalie said...

Det er svært at sige hvem der er awesomest... den ene er Chewbacca og den anden er dæl'me en vikinge ugle!

Anonymous said...

De er fede begge to!

Det skal da være Jar Jar Binks på den anden hehe

Anonymous said...

Jeg er enig med Malle!