Tuesday, November 18, 2008

News Flash

Here is the news bird with today's headlines.

Viking winter blows.
Yesterdays story about nice Danish weather turns out to be a hoax. After a cold, windy, gray day with no trace of sun we must conclude that the Danish winter is here and that yesterdays weather was just a scam to make the naive people of Denmark believe that there were still some time left to enjoy life before the long cold winter. What evil person is behind this is still uncertain.

Thermo coffee mugs is a hit.

Tests showed that having hot coffee, for a long time, is a good thing. The people who participated in this test agreed that there were no drips from these newly imported cups and that they could keep coffee hot doing a cold winter day.

That Awesome Magazine.
Rumours has it that the upcoming issue of Tattoo Artist Magazine, a highly respected magazine, will feature Uncle Allan. Sources close to Allan says that the layout has been approved and that it looks nothing less than amazing. Something to look forward to.

Finally here.
The long anticipated shirts from Uncle Allan has finally arrived. These has been on their way for quite some time now but has just arrived this morning in time for the Christmas shopping coming up. So who knows if there will be any soft uncle Allan presents under the tree this year. Since this news is so fresh we havn't had a chance to get a good picture of this new hot item yet but pictures and more info about how to buy this sexy fashion item will be announced soon.

The Palma Crest.
The ongoing project on Mr. Martin came closer to an end today after a 6 hour session. The project in a bigger piece on the front of him and portraits his dog, Palma, framed in a crest, surrounded by deers and leafs. Pictures of this will be released soon.

It seems that Jetlag can appear days after arriving from a travel. People used to believe that it was only the day after arriving in a different country that jetlag could appear.
On this news we will end this nights broadcast and go to sleep.

Good night.


Flora Amalie said...

Grrr, jeg hader late-lag!
Men jeg elsker news bird!!

CoreyGirl said...

Thanks news bird!

Here is opinion squirrel with a follow up:
-Danish winters are just like Vancouver winters. You dont scare me
-Coffee is gross (sorry I had to say it, and if the friendship is over, well... so be it)
-Im sure the magazine will be more than amazing and I cant wait to see it!!
-I will require a shirt please and thank you. unless previous coffee statement has prevented this..
-pictures please!!
-jet lag suuuuuuuuuuuuucks

and now back to your regularly scheduled comments.

Anonymous said...

winter has arrived here too, pennsylvania,us 18 f today ouch, and coffee is awesome

laurits said...

new shirts are awesome.
im rockin it right now!

(ved ikke lige hvorfor jeg skriver på engelsk) haha.

Flora Amalie said...

Coffee IS awesome....
Take that opinion squirrel!