Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ich bin ein Berliner

I just wanted to check in with you guys who still follows and check this you guys, Thanks for the patience and for sticking around.
I am writing you from Berlin where we now live. We haven't moved into our new home yet since all our stuff won't get here until monday. Until then, we are staying with our amazing friend Sarah who has been such a big part of us getting this amazing place.
I don't know when we will have internet at our new place so I figured I better do this now while I have some internet.
As always I feel that there is so many things to say and tell, but not enough time.
One thing I feel I need to comment on is my waiting list and people on it. Amalie, who takes care of all my bookings and the waiting list, recently opened up the list and started writing, I don't know, how many of the people on the list only to get a few replies... but far from enough. So if you are on my waiting list, and haven't gotten a mail yet, please check your mail or spam filter. If you got a mail, please reply nicely to the mail either to confirm or to politely let us know that you don't need to be on the list any more. The reason that I stress that part is that we have had a few unfortunate responses from people who no longer wishes to be on the list. I really don't mind or even really care if you don't want to get tattooed by me anymore, whatever reason you might have and I totally respect that, but there is no reason to reply in a rude and disrespectful manner to my wife who is trying to finally give you an appointment. If you really feel that you found a better place to get tattooed, then good for you and best of luck, but then maybe you should have been responsible enough to remove yourself from the list instead of replying in a rude tone and wasting our time. I mean, if you did find a better tattooer then it's a good thing that you DIDN'T get tattooed by me. 
It's mostly the disrespect and waste of time that gets to us because there is so many really awesome people who DO wanna get tattooed. We really really want to make everybody's experience with us as good as possible and we are trying our best to improve our methods to make everybody happy, even people who hasn't gotten tattooed yet. We really are. But we can't guarantee when you will get an appointment. Sorry.
I am so grateful for all the amazing customers that I get to tattoo so "losing" someone that has no respect or can't even commit to reply to emails is not really someone we are sorry to lose. It just means that there will be more time for the awesome people who we do enjoy spending time with. While I am on this subject... I have mentioned my social awkwardness before and it is something that bugs me a lot. To most people I might seem really open and social but the truth is that I am super shy around most people. I don't wanna get into that right now but it has come to my attention that some people has seen this as me being a snob and even rude. This has not been my intention and it really bugs me that while I try to make time for everybody, who is visiting the shop, even though most of my days are really busy, there is still people who will go out and talk shit about how much of a snob I am and how important I feel I am. People will always talk shit and usually I try not to pay to much attention to it but when I know that I have treated someone nice just to find out that they talk shit to other people, I get pissed. What do you get from doing so?
I just needed to get this out of my system and it has been something that had bugged me a while now. I try, even on the busiest days, to take my time to meet everyone who comes to our shop and make them feel welcome. But maybe, if you show up on a walk-in day, I won't have time to entertain you all day, and for that I'm sorry but don't take it as me being "too good" to talk to you. I'm just busy tattooing someone so that THEY don't feel that I'm "too good" to tattoo them. You know?
So there... that was it! Sorry for the rant. I tried to make it as short as I could.
So again... IF you are on the waiting list and want to stay there, please reply to the mail you have received or keep an eye out for a mail soon. If your not sure if we got the right email address for you or if your on the list please check in on Thanks!
Also check the new and improved FAQ on the Conspiracy Inc. Blog.
So back to fun and happy stuff.

We can't wait to let you all know more about the new shop and stuff and we will do so as soon as possible. There is also a bunch of new tattoos that I wanna show... but they are on my other computer on its way here so you will have to wait a bit longer.

There is also a bunch of other cool projects and stuff that I have been working on like photos for Pet The Preacher and Hound that I will post on my photoblog soon I hope.
I'm also super proud and stoked that I did my first design for Mastodon, a band that I really really like so I was super excited that they asked me to make them a little something. I will post that later too.
Speaking of shirts that I did...
I will end this post with not just one, but two music videos featuring the limited edition Uncle Allan Black Metal shirt.
Two different styles, but both great awesome peeps and bands.

First is my Canadian homies Cancer Bats in the video for "Bricks and Mortar" Feat. my stupid face on Liams body

Soooo because of this German thing called GEMA I can't watch the other video I wanted to show with my Danish Homeboys Specktors also Feat. my stupid face.
Try this link though... It should bring you to their video for their song "l√•gsus" 

Sorry for the long rant mail. I promise more happy good posts will come soon. Promise. Because so many awesome things are happening at the moment!! Foooooo REALS!!! 

See ya soon!