Tuesday, October 27, 2009


NEWS from the Conspiracy Inc. world. We will be moving to a bigger better place. Go see the teaser here.

I have been working on taking pictures of the dirty antler girls all day so it looks like they will be ready for your xmas shopping. Who doesn't want to open a sexy present on xmas? Sexy you ask? Well too sexy for some apparently. Last night I censored all the dirty stuff with pixels and put them on my myspace. I went for a walk with Lucifer and when I came back all the paintings were deleted and I had gotten a mail from Myspace telling me that they had deleted some picture that were to dirty for myspace. I am guessing that some one saw them and snitched on me since it went so fast. How else would they know 5 min after I uploaded them? Well now they are back up on my profile with Mysoace Toms big head on top of all the dirtyness. You can still enjoy them here but even more if you buy the prints when they get here. More about that as soon as I figure everything out.

Later Bloggers!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

WARNING!!!! This post contains Naked Antler Girls!!

Thaaaaat's right!! I am finally done with all four very sexyfull, nakid antler ladies!! It has taken me long enough but with what little time I have outside of tattooing I guess it wasn't too bad. The plan is still to make a limited batch of fine ass prints of these babies so keep and eye on this here blog for info about this. Since we are going to Japan for 3 weeks soon it might not be until after we are back...BUT in time for ya'll to get it before xmas...wink wink!! When we figure it all out there will also be a way to order the Satanic antler lady who previously only have been for sale at the London Convention and the shop. She is a bit bigger that the other prints so we have had a hard time finding the right transportation for this fine lady with out stuffing her into a gigantic tube of some kind. So the plan is to have them ready for sale in the beginning of December.

But now...Here they are:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Goatwhore and cupcakes.

Monsieur Joseph, maker of ladies undergarments, came back for his two new pieces, picturing the tools of his trade. He previously got the inside of his upper arms done by me and this time he went for the lower arms.
With him from Paris he brought cakes that he found appropriate for a shop of the Heavy Metals as our own... fairy cakes. And what better way to enjoy a delicious fairy cake than with the soothing sound of satanic metal and a good cup of coffee? Thank you Monsieur J for the treat!

Left, Thursday.

Right, Friday.

Hazardous mutation

Marcus got his sleeve of Radioactive madness finished the other day. We had some background left and some colours in the fishes but that was it... one sleeve done!
I got to warn you all that this tattoo is based on real events.

This tells the story about what can happen if you dump nuclear waste in a pond. This poor fisher man got in serious trouble one fine Sunday morning when he went fishing for the European perch. Little did he know that some big dirty industrial baddy corporation had been dumping their radioactive waste in the little pond and that this had resolved in the mutation of all living in the nice little pond. The flowers had grown huge, the perches were the size of a small whale and there were now a giant monster of an octopus ruling the waters.

Here in this tattoo we see the struggle between the helpless fisherman and the giant pond monster. Will he make it out alive? We don't know but we do know that if he does survive, no one will ever believe him. He simply drinks to much. You can tell by the red wine nose and the red cheeks. I guess there is two morals of this story. Don't throw nuclear waste in your pond...who knows what will come out of that radioactive green water. And don't drink too much...people won't believe you if you see a big bad monster in the pond.

A little something to think about!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Black Rider

I got me a new set of wheels...FROM HELL!!!
It's not like I have given in to the cult of fixies (that would be the death of me...no really...I would kill myself on one of those) but I really wanted something that wasn't killing me every time I had to get to the shop in a hurry. My other big bike, that I am keeping for transport purposes, is really heavy to ride which is nice when you are cruising but when you just want to get somewhere fast...well, then it's not really all that awesome.
The thought of a faster bike had been brewing in my head for a while but when I saw a picture of my friend Matthias' new black bike (also check out his crazy Bike crew) I was in love. I had just written him a mail, telling him that I was thinking about getting a faster bike, when I went for a walk with Lucifer and decided to go in and talk to the local bike shop about a bike for Amalie. That went so well that I decided to talk to him about something for me. I turn around and there is a black bike staring at me. It was a sign!! Nice, black, cheap and nothing too fancy but still made well. So without thinking to much about it (or at all) I heard myself say; "I'll take it!!"
So today he had finished it and given it the black handle that I wanted. Now, there still is a few things that could be made black but that might happen later. I would like to get rid of the fenders as well to make it look more simple and nice but since there most likely will be a lot of rain in the next couple of months, I think I will keep them on for now. Now I just have get used to ride on a real bike and I can't wait to take it for a real ride, full speed ahead with Goatwhore blasting in my ears...or maybe Judas Priest, painkiller!

Treasures from below

Amalie went down to the basement to find some winter clothes but with her from the deep she brought these fine jewels. We are not sure if they work but even if they don't they will look awesome on my shelf. Soon they will get cleaned up and dried and taken for some tests. Who knows what these fine machines will bring.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The chances of anything coming from mars is a million to one...

...But still they come!!!

Last night we had our War Of The Worlds geek night...a WOTW marathon!!! Awesome!! Tripod High five!!
Amalie and me started our second day of our extended weekend with some nice coffee and buying what was needed for this night of crazy tripodness.

I have a thing for synthetic tasting stuff and specially sodas so I got us a good selection in case others wanted to join me. Root beer, Funny blue sodas, strawberry and lime and cream soda. Also cheddar cheese chips was needed.

Nick had to work so Amalie, young and I started with what had brought us all together for this event: The musical version of War Of The Worlds. Many of you frequent readers and the frequent visitors of our shop knows how we love this musical masterpiece. In fact I grew up with it...hell, my mom was listening to it while in the hospital, waiting to give birth to me...That's how long I have been a fan!!
Well Young made delicious muffins that we enjoyed with some of my crazy sodas while watching the live concert of Jeff Waynes masterpiece.

After that awesomeness Nick was done working and came over in time to make these epic tripod burgers. Here spotted helping their tripod buddies destroying Thunderchild...man's last hope of survival.

After awesome homemade martian burgers we continued our marathon with War Of the worlds movie from 1953. Kinda funny but I think we all kinda dozed off now and then after the meat overdose.
But then it was time for Tom Cruise to take action against the martians. Awesome and yet terrible...but awesome!!

We ended the night with something not from mars but still damn awesome and epic: Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog. More musical madness!! Awesome! Musical high five!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Mads got his little jellyfish finished the other day. I had decided to do all the lines in brown so it looks more softish. Hope it makes as much sense here in the pictures as it does on his arm.

Tonight is geek night!! Nick and Young is coming over for the grande War Of The Worlds marathon!! Now I don't wanna spoil all the blog fun so you will have to wait and see what that inkludes!! Later

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Swedish ladies

These two tattoos now belongs to some great Swedish gals. Linda who already have gotten a nice little horse done by me got this peacock on the other arm to go with it. Damn all those feathers... well the picture isn't that clear and a lot of the ink got stuck on top of all the nice small lighter lines I did in the tail feathers so I hope I can bring a better picture later when it is nice and healed.

Felicia came back (and brought some awesome stuffed birds and antlers...thaaaaaank you guys!!!) to finish her snooty opera watching older lady. Also know as Lady Von Schnutenberg among Opera lovers around the world. She is known for her harsh critical comments on worldly matters, opera and ballet. Not to mess with.

The satanic Antler lady with the sacrificial lamb print is now for sale at conspiracy Inc. and is limited to 60 copies (hand signed and numbered). The satanic Dettmer/Unlce A print is also for sale. Prints is limited to 60 sets (hand signed and numbered). The split tshirt set is also for sale. Limited to 50 sets and only Medium left. Take your friend by the hand and drop by and buy a set...or two so you can take turn to be Dettmer or me. Awesome!!

Sneak peak of the shirts and prints here.

The dirty antler girls is coming along fine so hopefully it won't be too long before you dirty people can get your hands on these naughty prints. Update later.

See you soon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This is from London, i'nit

from the taxi.

There was a lot of taking pictures of people taking pictures this weekend.

Me on the tube

Hata...sooo hot right now, Hata!

Another camera shot

...And a nother...

Model shoot with the faaaamous new model Hata.

Me at the marked sunday morning.

Amalies getting her picture taken by Anki...and me

Here we go again...with the camera shots...Hanna da kapt'n, i'nit

multiple London poses by Kent


Amalie and her awesome birdnest hat that she made.