Sunday, October 11, 2009

The chances of anything coming from mars is a million to one...

...But still they come!!!

Last night we had our War Of The Worlds geek night...a WOTW marathon!!! Awesome!! Tripod High five!!
Amalie and me started our second day of our extended weekend with some nice coffee and buying what was needed for this night of crazy tripodness.

I have a thing for synthetic tasting stuff and specially sodas so I got us a good selection in case others wanted to join me. Root beer, Funny blue sodas, strawberry and lime and cream soda. Also cheddar cheese chips was needed.

Nick had to work so Amalie, young and I started with what had brought us all together for this event: The musical version of War Of The Worlds. Many of you frequent readers and the frequent visitors of our shop knows how we love this musical masterpiece. In fact I grew up with it...hell, my mom was listening to it while in the hospital, waiting to give birth to me...That's how long I have been a fan!!
Well Young made delicious muffins that we enjoyed with some of my crazy sodas while watching the live concert of Jeff Waynes masterpiece.

After that awesomeness Nick was done working and came over in time to make these epic tripod burgers. Here spotted helping their tripod buddies destroying's last hope of survival.

After awesome homemade martian burgers we continued our marathon with War Of the worlds movie from 1953. Kinda funny but I think we all kinda dozed off now and then after the meat overdose.
But then it was time for Tom Cruise to take action against the martians. Awesome and yet terrible...but awesome!!

We ended the night with something not from mars but still damn awesome and epic: Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog. More musical madness!! Awesome! Musical high five!!


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GospelAngel said...

Actually, I wasn't waiting to give birth anymore, my beloved Son No. 1!! ... You were 2-3 days old and I was fortunate enough to hear WotW on the radio while feeding you! So one might say, that you drank it with your mother's milk!! ... Lots of good memories attached to that awesome musical, and I'm still crazy about it! ... Oooo-laaahh!! c",)

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