Sunday, April 19, 2009

Share thy internet with thy neighbor...

Well it was great while it lasted. Our neighbor, whos internet we have been freeloading on for the last month, must finally have realised that he was not alone on his connection and there for decided to put a password on it! Damn it! I say that it was all the porn Amalie downloaded that tip him off. Ohh well. So now we are stuck with this poor slow on and off conection. Sucks!
This post was gonna be two posts but I didn't felt like doing this forever so it became one.

First a few shots from the 46th floor in Shinjuku. Then a few shots from ground level in Koenji.

A few pictures from our trip to Takaosan. A great day in the sun on a mountain 600 meters up in the air. A bunch of nice statues and shrines to go along with the great view.
We had lunch when we reached the top and we had some older dude playing his japanese flute as a soundtrack. Nice.

Tomorrow will be the last geekout day with Mattias where we will test out my new

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blood and thunder

Yesterday Dom came to get his giant beast finished. I have been wanting to do a whale piece forever so I was happy to see this one done. He had a few scaps in the black here and there so it was hard to take a good picture but next time in Japan we might add a big shark on the other side...if he has forgotten the pain by then.

...and yes we did listen to Mastodon...a few times!

So one out of 3 rib pieces done.

Friday, April 17, 2009

This little Viking owl got started last time we were here and after 3 hours of colors it is now done. It pictures how, in the old days, the viking owls used to hide inside roses and then shoot out lightnings from their claws when the enemy comes to close. Great camoflage skills, those viking owls. One of the many questions I get asked alot, frequently even, is: "how do you know so much about these desings of yours?", and the answer is simple. I read it in books filled with FACTS! That's how.

I could tell you the real meaning behind these next two tattoos but I would have to kill you and I don't have to to go around and find you all so you will just have to guess.

10-20 vision

We went to Shinjuku the other night. We do that so often but this time we had Hata and Rei with us and our destination was one of our favorite restaurants, Tiki Tiki...I think you can guest what kind of restaurant that is.
I decided to try out the 10-20 mm Sigma lens on my new Canon 5D II. It is crazy how much more picture you get with this camera. Since I am not used to shoot with a full frame camera this is a new world for me. Anyway. Here is a few ones from the cap ride.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The day after we came back from Akita we decided that it was about time to go on a hanami while it lasted. We had been afraid that all the cherryblossoms were gone when we came back but I think we got there just at the right time. We got our selfs some lunch and went to a park in Shinjuku.
Later that day we went to maybe the best NOFX and Bad Religion show that I have ever seen and I have seen both bands a few times now. That was a really nice day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If you want got it

I figured that it was time to give the people who are mostly visiting my blog for the tattoos something to look at. It has been a while and the photopart of the blog has been dominating the space a bit I will admit. One of the reasons is though that t not much have been finished yet and also I have enjoyed much time off that has been spend on things as shopping, sightseeing and lame stuff as taking pictures. But the waiting is now is a few samples of what has been done in the land of the rising sun. Remember that there is still more to come...we havn't left the country yet.

My friend Takayuki aka the terrorist did not only come back for a new tattoo to his collection of Uncle A tattoos, he also brought gifts! Who doesn't like presents? He noticed last time how much we liked Rilakuma so he went out and found some sweet things. We got ourselfs a nice rilakuma clock and soapdispencer and some nice cake keychainish things. Awesome. On top of that I got to do a mutieyed goat from hell and that is always nice. Good stuff maaaan!

This little bamboo eating sucker was done in Akita while we visited our friends at Cotton Pickin.

This little Daruma was done just a few days ago...just for the record then I still hate doing necks!

I was supposed to finish on of the big rib pieces the other day but after 6 hours of drilling we had to stop. 45 more minuttes left before we go home. Another piece was supposed to be finsihed today but got moved till saturday...where I was supposed to finish the last rib piece but who didn't have enough cash to finishing it this time...Hmmm...I really hope that I will get to finish just one of them!!

Welcome to the family!!

Sooo...I am sorry that I have to skip a bit forward on our tales of this trip to Japan. Something happened today, something so big that I have to break that chronology of the many doings of ours here in Japan. "What can be so important" you might ask...I will tell you what:
It happend! I got my new camera!!

I am now the proud owner of a Canon 5d Mark II!

This is actually the same setup as I have now just with a nice fat batterygrip.

And what better day to get it than on my geek out day (part II) with fellow Camera geek and awesome photographer, Yes it's still Mattias Westfalk. When I came to myself again I met up with him in Shinjuku. We went to one of the big government buildings to have a good salaryman lunch in the cafeteria on 32rd floor. What a view for a lunch. Here the geekness started with some good conversations about what make a good photographer and what the difference is between a great photographer and a great photoshopper.
After lunch we decided to drop by the 46th floor for an even more crazy view over Tokyo. Since there wasn't any juice on my brand new camera I had to document these hights with my other little friend the LOMO LC-A+ so you will have to wait a bit to see those picture till I get the film back.
More geekness shopping was then done in Yodabashi camera where I got myself a nice little softbox for my flashgun! Looking forward to try that out. From here we went on a nice little walk to Harajuku where I picked up the bag mentioned in earlier post from last Geek trip. You would think that that would be enough shopping for one day but why stop there? We were gonna meet up with Amalie who were in Shibuya anyway so we thought that we might as well meet in Tower Records. Since we were there anyway I got myself the Watchmen graphic novel and a new tattoo book and then I fell over a classic that was too cheap to resist, Moby Dick. I have been fascinated with the story since I was a kid but never read the story. But here was an addition with notes, maps and illustrations so cheap that I had to get it. I was supposed to finish a great Whale rib piece tomorrow but he had to reschedule till Saturday! Dang it. Anyway, whale tattoo action soon and I have a feeling that it won't be the last whale scenery I will be doing!
After a great bowl of ramen we decided to head home before it started pooring down as the weather report had foreseen.
On the Shinjuku station Mattias wanted to show us a great cake place so instead of changing to the train on the other side of the track as we usually do we went down into the station. Next to the cake place there were these big walls of light that most likely usually have add on them. But not today. We had to try out the skills of the new Canon in front of these great light sources.
Here is a few quick snaps that we took before heading home with the cake that by the way was delich.

Later we watched Little Miss Sunshine and ate before mentioned cake with vanilla ice cream!!
What an awesome day in Tokyo!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Ok...I have officially lost track of the days (and I love it by the way). I forgot when this was but it was a good day. We met with Toshi kinda early since he had some things to do later that day. The plan, you see, was to go to the museum of my favorite Japanes artist, Kawanabe Kyosai.
After a few changes of trains we got there. The museum is in the familys private home and is only 3 small rooms. To get from room 2 to room 3 we had to go outside and into a nother building and between the two 2 houses there was this cute littl garden. Kyosai had a thing for frogs so there was a cool frog statue there.




The prints and originals there are awesome and pretty and all that BUT...the small cafe where you can buy prints, postcards and most importantly books (SO cheap) was worth the whole trip....mmmmmm....Kyosai books!!! Well we got ourself a cup of coffee while browsing though all the Kyosai goodies.

Canon 30D

Canon 30D

Since it didn't take us all that long time to go through those 3 rooms Toshi still had some time left to hang with us. It also turned out that the plans that he had was to meet with some friends in a park to celebrate the cherryblossoms but it was kinda cold and kinda grayish so he wasn't that much in a hurry to go do that. We needed to go to Ueno and do some shopping so he joined us for that. We made a quick snack stop at a bakery called Andersen...a Danish name and yes when we came in there was Danish goodies and even Danish flags. We didn't felt tempted thought to throw ourself at what was supposed to be goodies from home. Looked pretty good though.

Canon 30D

Canon 30D

Off we went to buy Amalies grand dad a new watch...a real Rorax...that's right....Rorax! A cool (super cheap) gold watch called Rorax with the little crow on top as it's brother Rolex has. He had wanted one since he saw Amalies so we had promised him that we would brimg him one of these masterpieces from our next trip. These shopping streets has all sorts of things from bling bling to "designer" clothing to fishmarked and fruits and whatnot...always fun to walk these streets.

Canon 30D

Canon 30D

I can't seem to remember what we did after this but it was a really nice day. Fun times and great things were bought! You can always go see what Amalie posted about this day if you wanna know more. She is better at these day reports anyway.

It has been a great long day with awesome weather, Hanami and a great Punk rock show so I am busted. Sorry if the text didn't make too much sence! I will see if I can catch up with the dates soon.