Sunday, April 19, 2009

Share thy internet with thy neighbor...

Well it was great while it lasted. Our neighbor, whos internet we have been freeloading on for the last month, must finally have realised that he was not alone on his connection and there for decided to put a password on it! Damn it! I say that it was all the porn Amalie downloaded that tip him off. Ohh well. So now we are stuck with this poor slow on and off conection. Sucks!
This post was gonna be two posts but I didn't felt like doing this forever so it became one.

First a few shots from the 46th floor in Shinjuku. Then a few shots from ground level in Koenji.

A few pictures from our trip to Takaosan. A great day in the sun on a mountain 600 meters up in the air. A bunch of nice statues and shrines to go along with the great view.
We had lunch when we reached the top and we had some older dude playing his japanese flute as a soundtrack. Nice.

Tomorrow will be the last geekout day with Mattias where we will test out my new


Marcus said...

It always girls and there porn that ruins all the fun!

igl said...

the lomo- pictures are awesome, i´ld like to go for some one!