Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Still here

It has been so long since my last post that I have decided to speed things up a bit. That means that I won't tell every story or post every picture as I might would have had I only had the time. I will try to keep the most important parts and instead show some fancy pictures. It has been a bit rough coming home but it's getting better so soon we will be back to normal mode again. I simply havn't had time or energy to blog, email every one that I should, paint or even look at the pile of awesome books that I just got. But today my goal is to play around with some of my new fancy photogear to try that out.

Well first off, here is the last tattoos from Japan. I think it is the last ones...first of Matt. He had to have a third session on his enormous rib piece. The parts from his second session wasn't fully healed so the picture looks a bit funny but at least we finished and got a picture. After many hours of singing along to awesome anthem musik we made it!!

This little kitty is on a Japanese tattooer. I wasnt really sure what to do with this first since it's not what I normally get asked to do but it ended up beeing pretty fun to do.

I promise that I will ba back soon! Still more photos from Japan both from my awesome new 5D mark II and from my awesome little Russian plastic Lomo see see you soon.


Michael said...

Nice to have you back, Uncle:)
Awesome rib piece:)

Flora Amalie said...

Og flot kittyyyyy!!!

Eric said...

i like the water moves on the cat.

Alex said...

Ah..the roses you do <3

Are you booked up the whole year? or when is the first time you have availible?

I badly wanna get a sleeve done by you :)

Cool blog!

Uncle Allan said...

Alex, I think I just wrote you an email...if that was you. All booking have to be done through my wife on

I have nothing to do with booking appointments.

First opening is around march next year

Anonymous said...

I like the Have heart line in the ribcage tattoo! Vanity is Insanity!

Jonas. Belgium