Friday, May 22, 2009

International Trooper Week

This week I had 3 customers from other countries who all came to claim the highly regarded title of "TROOPER".

First we had Mike from New Zealand who ended up lasting almost or maybe full 8 hours. I was a bit stressed because I wanted to go see my friend, Jacob, sing for the first time in his new band, The Kandidate. Well I didn't make that in time but we did finish the tattoo.

Second was Mark from Germany. We didn't finish the tattoo that ended up beeing a bit bigger than we had expected so noooo hard feelings there. Since we only almost finished there won't be any picture of that one this time...sorry Mark you will have to wait with your internet fame till we are done.

Last but not least we had Tim who also were from Germany. After 6 long hours of pain and squirming we finished 1st half of the lower arm that I am gonna do on him. Second half will be done when we come back from California in June.

Since they all lasted longer than 6 hours they all earned the title of "trooper". Good job guys!!! Well done...Splendid indeed!!

The award for Customer Of The Week gotta go to Mike though. He came all the way from New Zealand. Lasted 8 hours without complaining and left one hell of a tip even though I stressed him out the door to try to catch a show. Thanks for understanding buddy!!


Jesse Smith said...

Super Awesomeness!! Hop gop geeenop!!

Ulrikka said...

WWWWWOOOOOWWWW dybt facineret!

Flora Amalie said...

Dygtigste baby, kan jeg ikke også bestille tid til sådan en trekant med et øje i?
De er ret seje, har jeg hørt!

CoreyGirl said...

they look great!
i'll never earn the title trooper... i like to keep my appointments to 3 hours.. cause i HATE getting tattooed.....

ben treichel said...

great useage of colors

Petri said...

Cool Adam Barton type deal going on! You are good.

ps. Gotta love that gibberish Danish that Jesse is speaking :D

Anonymous said...

How much would you consider a good tip? Would love to hear from a tattooer.