Sunday, May 10, 2009

Well needed rest

This weekend has been absolutely awesome. I have finally gotten to relax for real and a few things that I havn't had time to do up until now. Saturday seemed like the longest day ever but in the best kind of way. It felt like it keept going and going so that we had time to get everything done. We started with brunch with Nick followed by shopping for glasses. After this there was a great deal of relaxing at the apartment with coffee, records and I finally had time to look at some of the many photobooks that I had gotten. Might do a small bookreview later...maybe.
I played around with my fancy softbox trying to figure out a good setting for an upcming photoshoot. Good times.
Then we went out to eat a snack dinner with Nick before we had to go see STAR TREK!! Yeah!! Awesome! Good times.
When we got home we hung out a bit more and chillaxed on the couch watching Medium on Dvd until we looked out and realised that it was getting light was 4:30 and we wanted to get up and get something out of the day..since it is Lucifers birthday today!! 5 years old!!! Go see Amalies blog for some ├╝ber cute baby pictures of him.
We ate a nice breakfast before going to the park with the birthday boy. He got to run a bit and hang out in the sun while the grown ups had some coffee and juice. We did talk about tattooing Amalie today but since we had such a great day relaxing yesterday we decided to continue today.

Now it is time for some awesome Sicilian icecream and some more coffee enjoyed together with more photo books while listening to records. Later suckas!!

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RxKxBx said...

Multo splendium Belsebub images....

That is a super open lens there, really a shallow dept of field...likeitalooot.

Mata ne