Sunday, May 10, 2009

Butterfly, flower and owl

I am still not back in my daily Denmark routine and I don't really have any energy to do all the things that I want to do such as update my blog. This weekend helped though but we will get to that. First a little tattoo update.

First up is my good ol homiette Rikke B. We go all the way back to Hicksville where I grew up. We did this tattoo almost two years ago but we finally got to fill in a few small gabs here and there so now I can put her arm on the internet as promised!!

I give to you: Rikke B!

Up next we have our Swedish photographer, Lisa, who did a piece on the shop for a fancy magazine a while ago. Good pictures. Not only that...she brought awesome cookies!! YEAH!
She got herself a nice little owl. Fun to do a normal looking owl for once. No crazy colours or fancy stuff around it. Just a nice and simple owl. I do love the crazy ones too but it was nice to do something "new".