Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here we go!

This year ended really well with us sorting everything out about the new shop. Some of you readers know that we have gotten us a new shop and some of you also know that there were some complications that made us rethink our decision a couple of times this last month. But on these last days of the year we finally figured it all out and we can now say that the Conspiracy Inc. will be moving in the begining of the new year. We still have a lot of work ahead of us but I hope that it will be fun to make this new Conspiracy Inc.

A great thanks to all our friends around the world, all our customers who have been awesome, to all our families and to our old and new partners in crime, (Nick and Eckel). A great thanks to everybody who have helped and still help us make Conspiracy Inc. what it is (and clean).
A great thanks to all you people I don't know and havn't met but who keep coming back to this here blog to check in on me and my doings. Thanks for the support and kind words.

I'm gonna finish this years last post with some picture from around the world. They are from my last 4 rolls of film that has been to London, California, Copenhagen, Bisserup and Tokyo. Some of you might have seen some of them before on my guestblog post on Youngs blog. For the rest of you... here you go.

We are looking forward to see you all in 2010.
Happy New Year

Monday, December 28, 2009

Meet my family

...well some of it. This is my grandmother (my mothers mother) Ketty and my extra grandpa Gunnar. He is not my real grandpa but has been with my grandma for as long as I remember so he has always been a bonus grandpa while my real grandpa was alive.
I got the idea of taking their picture for my mother as a birthday present but I never got to do it until a few weeks ago when we were in these parts of the country for a christmas marked at Amalies parents place. My grandparents actually did have other plans that weekend but I maneged to squeeze in between plans for like 45 min. I pretty much rushed in, sat up, shot a quick bunch of pictures, took eveything down, had a cup of quick coffee and was out the door in less than an hour. But I feel I got a few lucky shots of them both.

I got them printed on some really nice paper. I had the 3 colour ones mounted on foamcore so they could be mounted on the wall without a frame, which I think looks really nice. Since I could get a whole bunch printed for the same price I had extra prints to give to my uncles and aunt. My mom also got a set in black and white on top of the ones in colours.

The present was a big hit.

I hope you all had a great xmas and enjoyed the hollidays as much as we did.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Moving day

Todays Blog post have moved to somewhere else! What? That's right. Todays post can be found at Young's blog (aka Half Girl) where I did a guest blogging here in the busy Christmas days. So go check it out and check out the rest of her blog out as well. Good stuff.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

On th road to peace

Yesterday when I went into our favorite coffee place, "Coffee and Vinyl", to pick up my first coffee of the day, right away my eye met something beautyfull and awesome! Right there on the shelf next to the other vinyl was Tom Waits new live album "Glitter and Doom Live" on nice 180 gram vinyl. "Well, why didn't you just buy it then?" Well, see, I am not really allowed to buy anything before xmas since I am one of those people who never really want anything for xmas because I usually buy it myself so those few things that hasn't been bought yet is off limit until after xmas. So there it is, taunting me. For my next coffee the owner is there and I joked with him telling him that he can't sell it to anyone before after xmas. That is when he breaks the even bigger news. Tom Waits is releasing Orphans on vinyl in a 7 LP box with a book and 6 song that isn't on the cd! SAY WHAT!! I GOTSTA HAVE!! DAMN IT!!! So here I am... just waiting for it to be time where I can buy this box of joy!!

While I was waiting I went to his new website (he never had one until resently) and found (not only new material for my Tom Waits painting) a video for a DJ collective called N.A.S.A where he got to brawl on one of their songs. Read about it HERE. Amalie surgested that I posted it here on my blog since I do have a TomWaits obsession so here it is.

Spacious Thoughts from Anti Records on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


After a long time without anything too look at here on this blog I think it is time for a tattoo pic fest!

Here is a sellection of what I have been doing...well since we got back from Japan.

Ok, are you ready? Are you comfortable? Do you have your coffee and blanket? Here we go:

Dr. Erik from Sweeeeden got his turtle. Well actually it is Darwins turtle, Harriet.

The most satanic fox ever!! Sebastian came back from Ireland to add this evil fox to his satanic valkyrie. Evil madness!! This must be the most upside down crosses I have ever seen in a tattoo.

Sascha da nurse got herself a pretty anatomical correct heart.

Sune had his 2nd session on his almost sleeve. This time we added his parents. This is my 2nd and 3rd family member portraits ever. Fun fun fun!!

Greg from the Uk came back to finish his mythical unicorn/pegasus/lion and to add this Majestic creature: the Michael Flatley, feet of fire monster! This is no ordinary monster. Ohh no. This is the white shark headed Hydra with the wing of a bat, body of a dragon and feet of a bird...feet of fire!!!

Friida came from Finland came to get her first tattoo. The bird is freeeee and flying away with the key with the F...F for friendship.

Jesper got his grrr arg skull...well it is more a nice Mexican skull but what ever!

Well that was it for now! Hope you enjoyed the show! More photos soon and also a guest appearance on a different blog!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lamb Of Satan

Finally we are ready to ship off the Satanic antler lady print! Go to the Conspiracy Blog or directly to the Conspiracy Inc. Myspace blog to see how to buy it.

Things has been a bit hectic lately but I promise that there will be a looooong tattoo post coming up and also some more Japan pictures. PROMISE!! This weekend should be good for Uncle A blog followers!! Now I gotta eat some food before I dieeee!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Hello again. Yes I am still here and we made it home safe from Japan. The time back in Denmark have been stressfull and not just because it always sucks to get back to Denmark afteramazing trip. The jetlag lasted forever and doesn't even seem to have left yet. DAMNDANISH WINTER! How are we supposed to get to our normal routine when there is 2 sec ofdaylight? Ohhh well!! We'll survive this year too. A bunch of other things that was supposed to be our joy and happyness when we came home turned out to be a bigger headache than a comforter. I won't get into details about that just yet...don't want to jinx anything.

So! To get back into the blogness here is some pictures from brighter times. These gems is part one of two posts from my day with Shige and his family in the most amazing garden and one of Shiges favourite places. Those of you who reads my wifes blog have already seen pictures from this garden since it has become one of the places that she will visit while I am getting tattooed by Shige for hours and hours.
After my last session on this trip we stayed an extra day in Yokohama to hang out with Shinge and Co. Amalie had gotten a bad case of food poisoning so all she could do was stay at the hotel and sleep and try to get better so I went out alone.
The garden is truly amazing. I have chosen to let this first post focus on the amazing colours there is to be found here. Since there is so many different tree sorts to be found in Japanese gardens there is a mix of colours specielly around fall. Well see for your self.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
I promise I will try to squeeze in as much tattoo/art related stuff as I can but there will be a lot of photography coming this here way. Hang in there tattoo lovers.

Also...we bought tubes today to send the Sataninc Antler lady print so we will be back soon with prices and info about how to buy the last few limited prints.