Saturday, December 19, 2009


After a long time without anything too look at here on this blog I think it is time for a tattoo pic fest!

Here is a sellection of what I have been doing...well since we got back from Japan.

Ok, are you ready? Are you comfortable? Do you have your coffee and blanket? Here we go:

Dr. Erik from Sweeeeden got his turtle. Well actually it is Darwins turtle, Harriet.

The most satanic fox ever!! Sebastian came back from Ireland to add this evil fox to his satanic valkyrie. Evil madness!! This must be the most upside down crosses I have ever seen in a tattoo.

Sascha da nurse got herself a pretty anatomical correct heart.

Sune had his 2nd session on his almost sleeve. This time we added his parents. This is my 2nd and 3rd family member portraits ever. Fun fun fun!!

Greg from the Uk came back to finish his mythical unicorn/pegasus/lion and to add this Majestic creature: the Michael Flatley, feet of fire monster! This is no ordinary monster. Ohh no. This is the white shark headed Hydra with the wing of a bat, body of a dragon and feet of a bird...feet of fire!!!

Friida came from Finland came to get her first tattoo. The bird is freeeee and flying away with the key with the F...F for friendship.

Jesper got his grrr arg skull...well it is more a nice Mexican skull but what ever!

Well that was it for now! Hope you enjoyed the show! More photos soon and also a guest appearance on a different blog!!


Flora Amalie said...

Såååå flotte, allesammen!!
Nu må det også snart være min tur, ikk?

Sam said...

beautiful work as always allan!

i'm actually getting a tattoo that says 'grr arrgh' just not got around to it yet!

maybe you can do the honours one day?x

DrEriik said...

Man, what can I say, I am treating Harriet like a family memeber here, she gets her attention and well repesctive thought of what we see around is made up of....

Here is a tribute of how I think my tattoo is:

Not my usual style..but hey...its my current mode.

Klaus said...

i love the shark dragon thing!

Alex said...

I love the shark/hydra! Pretty sweet. You don't see enough shark head tattoos in my opinion. But that is just my opinion hah!

David said...

Really beautiful pieces as always Allan!
Can't wait til' you start taking new customers again(!),
I want my (until then) imaginary chest piece, man!

Love your work, keep on posting tattoo pics!

Dear David

kirsty said...

I adore your work so much allan, I am hoping you can draw on me one day (2010 please!!)

The colours and your style is just so perfect, you are a true genius! anyway enough of the praise because your head will be too big to get out of the door and to work! haha i'm, joking!
but keep up the amazing work + thanks for posting all these photos..

happy festive season!

kirsty said...

oh is 'grr arrgh' that weird creature thing at the end of buffy?

Adrian Roger Sanchez said...

love the hydra, lots of character in that guy.

Hella J said...

Jeg er enig med Malle! Så flotte allesammen og min tur når jeg har poppet den her baby!

melly said...

The portraits are so well done!! And I love the one of the bird flying free too. You get people coming from all over the world, rad!