Sunday, December 20, 2009

On th road to peace

Yesterday when I went into our favorite coffee place, "Coffee and Vinyl", to pick up my first coffee of the day, right away my eye met something beautyfull and awesome! Right there on the shelf next to the other vinyl was Tom Waits new live album "Glitter and Doom Live" on nice 180 gram vinyl. "Well, why didn't you just buy it then?" Well, see, I am not really allowed to buy anything before xmas since I am one of those people who never really want anything for xmas because I usually buy it myself so those few things that hasn't been bought yet is off limit until after xmas. So there it is, taunting me. For my next coffee the owner is there and I joked with him telling him that he can't sell it to anyone before after xmas. That is when he breaks the even bigger news. Tom Waits is releasing Orphans on vinyl in a 7 LP box with a book and 6 song that isn't on the cd! SAY WHAT!! I GOTSTA HAVE!! DAMN IT!!! So here I am... just waiting for it to be time where I can buy this box of joy!!

While I was waiting I went to his new website (he never had one until resently) and found (not only new material for my Tom Waits painting) a video for a DJ collective called N.A.S.A where he got to brawl on one of their songs. Read about it HERE. Amalie surgested that I posted it here on my blog since I do have a TomWaits obsession so here it is.

Spacious Thoughts from Anti Records on Vimeo.


Julia Seizure said...

it's funny u just posted this! my husband got given the new album on vinyl yesterday for Xmas!

Sam said...

If you love Tom Waits, have you seen The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus? He's great in it, he plays the devil! :) x

David said...

That song is awsome and so is the video!

Regards David


Isn't that video AWESOME !!!!! Put a link to it on my blog about two weeks ago ... Thought you had seen it then !!! I think it's the damn bestest animation I've seen in a long time !!! Hurra !

Brunch on Wednesday !!