Monday, October 27, 2014

Ink Rats

I know, I know... now I'm just spoiling you with posts! I was gonna wait a bit with this post but why bother... Something might come up and then, no post. So here is the second post in one day. 

These tattys are from the first days here at InkRat Tattoo in Tokyo. Did a few more but there has to be something for later too. 

I do have a few more open spots from the 9th of November till I go back on the 20th...19th being the last work day. So if your interested in getting something done send me an email at or directly to Hata who books for me at

I'll try to post again before too long... TRY!!

Mata neeeeee

Konnichiwa mother bitches

I finally made it! I found some time (and internet) to post a post here on the blog. It had been hectic since the London convention and till I left for Japan. Even working saturdays... blog day... so sorry for slacking. I thought that once I got to Japan I would have some time to blog but it turned out that the internet I have in my apartment...well it doesn't want to work so I only have internet when I'm at Ink Rat Tattoo. I guess it isn't the worst thing. At least I won't get tempted to sit and surf por...I mean news all night...hmrrhmrrr....

Being back in Tokyo is AMAZING!!!! Love being back. I had a bit of a late start with an unplanned day in Helsinki due to some malfunction on our plane. So they had to fly in a new plane from Tokyo. Not part of my plan. So it was straight to work the day after I landed and then onward for a couple of days. I have finally managed to get a few days off here and there now and I got to hang out with my good friend Mattias. Always nice to see him and hang and talk shit and camera and metal stuff. Good times. And no hang without a trip to Nakano and our favorite camera shop. But we had to take a little trip to a few other ones in shinjuku after that. Ended up having (mostly) beer and dinner on the 44th floor with a view over Tokyo. Yeah!!! Not bad!
I think I have gained a few extra kilos already due to all my favorite fried food and other Japanese deliciousness.. oh well!!
I'll try to tell more about Japan later when I have some pictures to show. 

For now I guess I better show some tattoos before you loose interest in this post but please scroll down to the text in the end. Some info about merch and an artshow!!!!

But first tattooooooos!!!!

These last 3 pictures are on the same Viking who came to get 3 tattoos in 3 days. Good job buddy!


First merch.  My good friend Marco is currently working on printing some more tshirts for me that will be ready to sell and ship in time to be found under xmas trees everywhere. There will be two designs to choose from and both designs both on black and white shirts. Maybe I'll try to make a hoodie designs ready too for the cold times ahead. So keep an eye on this blog for details soon.

On the 29th of November I'll have a show of some of my work at my favorite vinyl pusher, DODO BEACH RECORDS. It will be a bit of everything that I do. Photos, paintings, drawings etc. but all with some reference to music. 
I would love to see you there so drop by and check it out and have a beer with me. If you can't make it then tell your friends to go. Press this link for DODO's Facebook.

I hope to be back soon!!