Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy old year!!

Since it's not really the new year YET then first happy old year!!

Thanks too everyone who looks at this little blog of mine! Please keep dropping by!!!
I know that there hasn't been too much activity lately but that will change in the new year...that means in a day or two. I got 5 rolls of film that will be developed in 2 days!! 5 rolls of LOMO madness!! This will be the first picture we will have from the brand new Lomo!! Well I have gotten 2 films back already but they were more like pre tests but maybe a few of those will be among the next couple of posts I will put up when I get back to life in 2009. Also new paintings and news and stuff!!! So come back soon!!!



Hella J said...

Godt nytår Allan, til dig og konen! Vi ses lige pludselig i biksen!

Wolf189 Photography said...

Happy New Year!

CoreyGirl said...

happy new year to you too!!