Saturday, December 13, 2008

"...2 Shriners in go-carts...they're going down"

Last night I saw the scariest band in the world, DEADBOLT!! In a rain of sparks from the metal grinder (sorry I don't know the correct term for this kind of tool) followed by a mist of hairspray they started the show that hasn't changed a bit, and hopefully never will. Never have I seen a band smoke so many cigarettes on stage...they actually stopped a song to have a cigarette break!!
The air was filled with hairspray, smoke and flying cigarette buds. When ever the drummer (who played the entire show standing) were finished with his smoke he flicked it at Harley (the singer), who would return the favour after his next smoke. Shots were had and poison from a very dangerous rubber snake was flushed down like soda...crazy I tell you!! Kids... Don't try this at home!!
One of my favourite parts was when a bunch of crusty looking hippy types were standing in front of the stage yelling for them to play Watongo, a song about a god who kills dirty smelly hippies. One of Deadbolts trademarks is their hate of hippies and clowns so it's also a bit ironic that they play in the Hippy capital of Scandinavia, Christiania. Maybe they have made their peace.

Iphone picture of the madness that is Deadbolt

It was a great show! The walk home for one and a half hour with my heavy, locked bike was not so much fun!! I lost my bike key somewhere so I had to carry it all the way home by lifting the back tire. Not what I had planed for my Friday night.

Today...painting action!

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