Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Frankie!

Yesterdays work was a lot of fun. I have decided that it is time to change style so from now on I will be like the great masters of realism, Bob Tyrell, and Robert Hernandeeeeez (prince of tattoo). Mr and Mrs Ugle aka Thomas and Sussie came by for their boyfriend/girlfriend tattoos. As the horror movie fans they are they decided that their tattoos should be the Monster of Frankenstein (really not a monster...just a misunderstood shmuck) and his bride. Him on him and her on her

...that sounds silly

...but it looked great!

See how realistic it is!!! It's almost as looking at a picture!!! ..almost.

Ok...maybe I wont go all Bobby T from now on but I do like making these simple, traditional looking "portraits".


Unknown said...

They are very cool, seriously love the Frankenstein, horror movies rule

igl said...

way better than the real world !!!

Hella J said...

Meget imponerende!!!

Anonymous said...

both are awesome but the bride is f-in sweet

Trine Grimm said...

I love this!!!