Friday, December 26, 2008

Life sign!

Xmas is kinda over but we are still in the countryside. Xmas was great with lots of lots of good food, family and amazing presents. One of them will be used here on the blog hopefully within too long. I good my granddads old camera that my mom got when he died. She knows how much I love to take pictures so she thought that I would use it well. It needs a quick visit at a camera shop since it hasn't been used for like 30 years or something so we couldn't get it opened. Everything is still working and the camera is in a really nice condition so after a quick clean-up it should be ready to hit the streets with me and the new black and white films I got from my brother.

My amazing wife got me a bunch of really cool things like a new bag and fancy shaving stuff and something that is beeing held hostage by the postoffice so that will have to wait till we are back in Copenhagen.

While unpacking all the stuff from Amalies parents (they moved down here permanently on the 21th.) I found the spots that I had been looking for among some of their things. Turns out that the spot that I wanted is actually a copy of the ones that Hans, Amalies dad, has and that they came from a factury that he worked on so he had a few lying around. I got myself two!! AWESOME!!! Can't wait to play with them. They give the best light for photos!

I also got 6 James Bond Dvds. One of the few things on my actual wishlist. We have already seen Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever. Gooooood stuff!!!

Ok that is it! More updates later...what's that? Why there isn't any pictures? Well that is a good question. Although I have brought my Digital Canon and several lenses I have only shoot Analog while we have been down here. Felt more like it. So there is already 4 rolls of film ready for development...too bad it will take a week to get them back as soon as I turn them in!!! ARRRGGGGGGG!!!! CRAPPY COUNTRY!!!!!!

Anyway...maybe I will pick up the Canon and shoot some things! I kinda need to see some results.

Hope you all had a nice xmas too!!
See you all soon!


Anonymous said...

cant wait fer the pics, happy new year in advance

Sam said...

I had an awesome christmas, finally got my Holga! weeeee! :) xxx

Hella J said...

Yay, jeg var begyndt at blive nervøs for jer! Håber I har haft en dejlig jul. Jeg kigger snart forbi shoppen! Hils fruen!

CoreyGirl said...

merry christmas! glad you are enjoying yourself so much!!

see you in 2 weeks!!

and happy new year!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Uncle Allan said...

You can buy a unicorn next to the guy with the pot of gold by the end of the rainbow but you can buy my merch through the conspiracy inc myspace merch blog

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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