Sunday, December 14, 2008

Java devil! You are now my bitch!

Todays sunday present was one very important tool for me. It's function is important for me and can determine the outcome of the rest of my day!

A cup for my coffee!!!

...and a pretty one too!


Flora Amalie said...

Du tager pæne billeder.
Og dit hår er flot.


aaaaaah ... Coffee !! If it wasn't for you ... I'd be but a sad old bitter bum with no ambition and love for anything !! I love you coffee ! I hate all those who don't like you !!!!

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

My cup for coffee is not a cute little cup like yours but a mug...with sumo wrestlers on it. I drink one liter black a day and can't sleep if I don't. I couple of years back I started to have luke warm coffee with my lunch and dinner, instead of the normal water. Let me hear more about your merits in the name of the roasted bean (bragging is fine with me). Like poetry...
If I wasn't born a useless human I would like to have been a coffee mug somewhere in the arab world, a mug with some cool design on it always in the warm shade of some beduin tent...or maybe one of them big classic thermoses on a plantage on Java or in Colombia , always full of steaming hot black aroma....

Later man, working on the Nepal many files to go through...puh!

Anonymous said...

hey NERD!
jeg har godt hørt de der rygter om iphone 3g og nano. iphone NANO?! seriøst. men det bliver sikkert tossedyrt, hvis.
jeg har dog vist bestemt mig for at køb en under alle omstændigheder nu, men venter nok til efter mac convention og ser hvad de offentliggør.
jeg kan iøvrigt købe den her i kina uden abonnement, fordi kineserne hader at blive bundet af ting, der er for dyre! det er lidt smart. måske ulovligt, men smart! måske kunne jeg også finde 50mm linsen til mega billy penge... det ville være dobbelt smart.
k bye!