Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hit The Lights

This last week has been busy but good and eventful. We had our German friend Eckel working with us. Great guy and I hope he will come back to us soon. He was one of these really easy guests who took care of himself and didn't need any big help or anything.
This week I also went to Metallica who were playing not one but five shows in Copenhagen. With them they had Lamb Of God and Mastodon who I was most excited about seeing. Unfortunately they were given the first spot of 25 minutes and with the smallest setup on stage and with the worst sound ever. I really hope they are coming back on a headliner tour soon! After that Lamb Of God played for about 50 min. It was like the sound guy were starting to wake up a bit but the sound still wasn't the best. Metallica played for 2 hours and if it hadn't been for Lars' lack of rythmic skills it would have been an awesome show...well that and the way to many new songs. But other than that it was fun! Laser, fire big floating coffins that held the many lamps that made a crazy lightshow. Good stuff.

This week was another international week. One day we had Denmark, Germany, Finland, Australia, The UK and Austria represented. Crazy. Well my new Finnish friend got a really nice Olympus camera tattooed. As a Photo geek I was very excited to do this.

Friday I tattooed Eric who works on and off in Helsingør. Great guy. It was a very relaxed day where we just hung out while I tried to do my design. Wehad planed the day so I only had him so we had time to hang out and not just tattoo him and rush him out the door. More good times.

Well a bunch of other things happened and it has been a fun but busy week but now it is vacation time!!! Hopefully this will mean a lot of drawing and painting and photographing.
Today I hope to get on with my Death Metal banner for London where Chiss D and I will share booth and make two banners that fits together. Hopefully this will also become skateboards, tshirts and prints but more about this later!


R. said...

Yeah! Thanks again for the amazing tattoo! I just got back home. I am going to listen to The War Of The Worlds musical all week! :D So Cool! :D


Petri said...

Greaaaat fucking tattoos!

Mr said...

always such great designs!

Mr said...

always such great designs!

devilsgardenart said...

I love the camera. My dad's a photographer and he still has tons of old cameras at home. He said this could also be his old Minolta.
Same problem in Zurich with Mastodon and LOG. I was pissed how bad the sound was for both supports, as they were almost the main reason I was there.

Jenni said...

The camera is amaziiiing! Hopefully someday I can get amazing work of yours to my skin.

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

I wish I had some more space for a 6x7 Mamiya RZ on me. Thinking of a memory card in black'N'grey....NOT!