Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Radio silence.

After many days of days off and last minute cancellations I finally have something to report from the tattoo factory.
Sunday was a good hangout day with many people at the shop but the main purpose was to tattoo Christel. You people who havn't found me on Instagram yet has to wait a bit before seeing that awesome piece. I can reveal this: Hot chick in lingerie chillin on pillows and with roses. Awesome!! Sorry for the tease.

Yesterday our Russian Comrade Max came to get the other shin done. Tough dry Russian skin makes it hard to take good pictures of a fresh tattoo and you will have to wait to see them both together next to each other. A fun piece to do indeed.

This was the first piece we did.

And this is what we did this time on the other shin.

I actually just found out that I had forgotten to post this tattoo. Very fitting actually... A Russian doll. I did this piece just before we left for Japan last time so in the all the stress it never made it to the blog but what better time to post it than on a post about our Russian buddy?

There will be a bit more radio silence here on this blog since we have the most of this week off. We were supposed to travel but that didn't happen so we decided to get some things done around here but that means no new tattoos for a couple of days. Well, I might get to tattoo Amalie and I might get to draw or paint a bit so with a bit of luck there will be something t report in the days to come. There will be pictures going up on the New Photo Blog so head over there and check that out now and then.


Anonymous said...

Whats your instagram name?

Ann-So said...

Gorgeous, I really love your work! If you ever come to or near Canada, please let me know, I'd really love to have a piece of your work :)

-Straight Edge Photography- said...


Waz up mate. Take a look on the band BARONESS. You might like their art work as well as music, it's tight!

Matt in Siam