Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miilaaaaaaaaaaaaaano!! She's a beautyfull!!

As some of you know I was trying something out on this years Milan convention. It worked out pretty good and it was really really nice not to have to draw early in the morning or waste time doing the day on redrawing stuff. That meant that I actually had time to take a look around and buy stuff and say hello to people...well at least more than usual. I guess I will try this out again next year.
I think I have decided to go with my plan from last year on London for this year as well.
So here is the result from this years Milan Experiment. If you want to see more then go to my wifes blog and see her report on this event. She had made this cute hat for Sunny Buick.

I forgot this guy last year so he was the only one who had an appointment. Thanks for waiting a whole year!!
It is also another attempt to take Bobby T out of the game with this super realistic portrait of my customers mom.

I didn't get one good picture of this one so I had to photoshop the crap out of the picture. Sucks! I have been wanting to do a sealion for ages. It looked really good in real life!

So that was it for this years Milan convention. Good times were had. It was good to see some of our once-a-year-friends again and also some of our friends that we are lucky enough to see more than once a year. It was a pleasure to share booth with my good friend Chriss Dettmer and it was good to have my other homie Hunter S just around the corner.
To end this report I wanna show how friggin' awesome Crash's (editor of Tattoo Artist Magazine) daughter, Raven is!! She rocks and with her brand new Uncle A shirt she is now one of the cool kids!! Yeah!

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