Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Those left behind

Here is a couple of tattoos that never made it to myspace or here on the blog. Sometimes I just forget about it or sometimes I don't feel like crop and resize or whatever and there for they get left behind...but not this no! So here is a mix of tattoos.

If you look closely you can see that it is listening to Slayer, "Season in the abyss" on its old school Sony waterproof walkman.

There is gonna be a better picture of this one sometime. This is pre-touchup/re-boosting of the colors.

Kind of a tribute to the band Gojira.


Sam said...

fair play allan, you have awesome customers who want even more awesome designs! love them all! xxx

-Straight Edge Photography- said...


Check the documentary " Born Into Brothels ". about a bunch of Indian red-light "bastards" learning photography. Pure and simple is the way to go (too late for us I guess). Pretty interesting movie and makes you remember all the crazy shit most Indian have to deal with everyday. Glad I don't live there for sure. Glad I saw it though.

Your tattoos are cool, I always wanted to see how a dude with lets say, a "rocking toaster" looks like. How about portraits of the clients? Is it a sensitive thing maybe....? I am not in any position to be demanding anything, but lets say a fat 100mm lens from a couple of meters away, the face filling the whole frame, small aperture and window light, maybe 1/2 stop under....could look cool (just between us photo nerds...)

See ya next month


Uncle Allan said...

Thanks guys!!

I'm glad you mention it, Mattias. I have been thinking about doing just that for I don't know how long. Maybe I really should!

igl said...

i can hear that slayer- noise.
it´s fuckin´ loud n´ dirty, uach... !
can´t stop to bang my head.
... +++