Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It was your heart on the line

I always love when my work days seem like a mix of work and hanging out with friends. Had one of those days yesterday with our buddy Jon who came to get a little love declaration done. Ms. Ama'r.
A good day with a lot of good music makes a good day at work. Yes sir.

Eckel got the debut album from Mumford And Sons from one of his customers. I had seen one video from them that I really liked but didn't really know what to expect from the rest. You see, I really REALLY hate Irish-kinda folk music and it doesn't get better if you mix it with other genres like punk. No I REALLY don't like Dropkick Murphys!! But these guys somehow managed to slip through the hate net. It didn't take many beats either to convince Jon that this was some serious awesome shit. That's why this video is dedicated to Jon and the proud ship Ms. Ama'r.

A last little update on the San Francisco art show. Here is some cool pictures from the opening night of the "Sream With Me" show at the 111 Minna Gallery. You will have to scroll down almost to the bottom to get to the event.
The show will run for a few more days and all the remaining paintings can actually be bought by contacting Angela by mail for prices and info. Write her on angelarachelleholmes@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT tattoo... this could be my favorite piece of all your tattoos i've seen

Patrick Banares said...

Allan pls come to Australia! :)

Flora Amalie said...

Det er altså ikke fordi jeg ikke kan li ulven, men skivvet fortjener mindst ligeså mange kommentarer.
Og musikken med!

christel said...

Jons lår er jo SÅ flot!!! bliver helt misundelig!