Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sadistic Magician

Here is the last couple of tattoos I did here in Japan... for now anyway. Still have a few more to do but now a few days of vacation. The day before yesterday I got my last session on this trip from Shige and yesterday was Amalies turn. I bet there will be some pictures of both on her blog as soon as she has the time to post them. She did soooo well and we went out with Shige and his family for dinner after her session.
Today we went back to Yokohama. We met up with Toshi at Yokohama station. We went by Yellow Blaze to say hi to Shige again. Matt
(the guy who I did a neck and a palm on) were having his 3rd session on his sleeve so he was having fun! We took his wife Sam with us for a bit of China town shopping and a trip to the Ramen Museum! This place was amazing so it deserves it's own post later with pictures.
Tomorrow is another amazing day in Japan and with no work. I might take my camera and have a little photogrphic adventure... I need that! I have a few ideas in mind and there is some places I need to go check out as well now that I finally have the time.
So see you soon.

The Grim-Seahorse

To be continued in April.

And here is your soundtrack:


igl said...

the seahorse is my fav !

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I loved the tattoos

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