Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Eye Of The Tiger

We have safely arrived in Japan. The flight was ok but unfortunately I couldn't I watched Rocky Balboa again. Second time on a plane. Anyway... The no sleeping thing wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't because I actually had to work as soon as we got there. There was no other day we could do this since she was going home the next day and who am I to deny her her first tattoo...on the ribs? She did super well and hopefully she will soon forget how painful it was.

After work we went out to our welcome dinner which was good but hard to keep awake to. At this point we must have been awake for like 30 hours or so. The food was good though... I looooove Japanese food.
After a quick stop at our SevenEleven for some icecream and sodas we went home and tried to stay awake for a few minutes of Japanese tv...didn't last long.

Next day I was back at work again. While I was doing my scheduled tattoo this young fellow came in to Inkrat to get a tattoo of Abraham Lincoln. Hata didn't have time so he asked if I could do it. I have been wanting to tattoo Abe for a while so I figured why not. It was a funny feeling too, doing a walkin, since I havn't done that in ages. But he got his Kinda-dead-pressident.

After work we went to dinner followed by a quick trip to Village Vanguard for some shopping. I love shopping at night!
Today is a day off before 2 days in Yokohama. I will get tattooed tomorrow and Amalie is up next so maybe it will be a few days before I am back here with updates but updates there will be. A lot of work to come as well. As always you can also follow our doings on the wifeys blog.
Now I will enjoy my first day of in Japan.

Mata ne.


amanda.please said...

Amazing! Wondering if you are coming to Austin in January for the Star of Texas convention..?

Jill said...

I'd be interested to know that as well.

Len Hernandez said...

you are a true master!

igl said...

Very cool worx, green ape lincoln, haha.. enjoy with a bottle of Sake !

ian said...

beautifully written and so inspiring, i thought this was a really great post to read. i'll check back for new posts by you!



Kirk Edward Nilsen II: Custom Tattoos said...

abraham lincoln, so awesome!

tinaforever said...

hi!!! we just got back from japan last week. it was sooo amazing! will you guys be gracing us with your presence in january? i hope so, we miss you!!! e-mail me or let me know on my blog so we can get the house nice and clean.

marcelo said...

man, i'm blind by the sickness of your work!!!!!I'm begginin to learn the craft and art of tattoo and you are such a huge influence!!!
abraço from Brazil!!

Uncle Allan said...

Amanda.Please and Jill:
I'm sorry but I won't make it to Austin this year. I will be back because I really love Austin...And Tina: we will come back and visit you guys too. We miss you guys! We need to go to The Alamo and watch a movie that will make Roger cry.

Len Hernandez:
I think we both know that Yoda is the true master.

Thanks Igl... Sake is not really our think though but I will drain a kirin, Sapporo or Asahi

Thanks and do check back.

Creep Street:
<3 back at ya

Thanks it was fun to do.

I will try to email you when Myspace lets me log in again.

I hope you will get your vision back soon. You will need it to read this, check out new posts and also if you are going to make tattoos. Thanks dude.