Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Neko Desu

I am almost done with my Tattoo marathon part one. I will have a brief stop tomorrow and then back on it friday. But today is still a work day so you will have to wait just a bit longer for some crazy tattoo pictures.
Mean while, here is some pictures from our first trip to Yellow Blaze. Shige had saved this tiny kitten the morning that I got tattooed. You can read more about this little fellow on Amalies blog HERE

Now I will have to go to work! One more day and then finally a day off. Ahhhhh...

Mata Neeeee


igl said...

push the kitten- button to test the sound ! >> meeeeeeau !!


A robo-kitty ? A kitty-droid ?? Awesomeness !! I need one of them too !! Can you bring me one please please !!

Hows you doing over there ?? Trust me though ... You're not missing the weather here, buddy !!!