Tuesday, March 9, 2010


One more time for the cheap rows... Sune came all the way from the other side of the country to get his final touchup session... only to find out that there was nothing to touch up. Well.. At least I could get some healed up pictures of this tribute to his parents. Maybe Papa Sune will end up on the arm of his own offspring some day.
Thanks Sune for letting me do this tattoo and coming all the way over for the photos and Good luck. Till next time!

Thomas got his second session on his "3 Chords and the truth" piece. We added Mr. cash, Tim and Billie Joe Armstrong. Three Chords and the truth was Harlan Howards definition of a good country song but since that fits well with punk rock as well we added these two gents. More of this later this month.

We are slowly getting closer and closer to a finished shop. Maybe in a week it will almost be a complete shop with a real floor and a front room. Until then I still tattoo and try to decorate every day...therefore not so many posts. I promise to take some shop shots soooon... I just neeeeed a little more time to....

Later Yo! Peace out!


Willows said...

yeaaaah, you just look at them reds and greens.
very nice stuff allan.

Monster Sid said...

great! just like usually ;]
would love to put my ass in your new spot as a guest artist in future haha!

regards from cold poland!

Sam said...

the 3 chords sleeve is an awesome idea! looking good!

Sune said...

Wuhuuu Wild! Thanks duuuude! :)
Love the other one too...

Anonymous said...

I hate to be picky, but isn't that Tim Armstrong?

Uncle Allan said...

Thanks guys.
Well yes it is.. Tim Armstrong on one side and Billie Joe Armstrong on the other.

David said...

Hi Allan!

The Cash portrait is looking really good. : )
It's fun to see your realistic pieces (even though I love your 'own style' the most!)

Take care!

Best regards

Ribas xVx said...

Great works and ideas, as usual!
Good luck at the final touchs at the new shop! Cheers from Brazil!