Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Cherio mate! Spot on, Guv'na! Cheers for the tea. Pip pip ta ra"

So... some might notice the lack of numbers in the headline today! That's right! We came up with a title for this one! By we, I mean my British customers and I! To proof the authenticity of their Britishness I bring photos!!

See!! Anyway! Besides being British my customer Marcos proved to be a trooper! Day one he did 6 hours and 40 minutes on the lower arm. A dead gentleman (since he is from England) and the all seeing street lamp! Awesome!
Day two we started a bigger project. A frontal!! Auch! He had a hard time after almost 7 hours the day before but when he got into it it seemed to go pretty well. He did survive!! He lasted all the lines for 5 hours including the much needed breaks here and there! Good job Governor!
...turns out that not only is he British...he is also a gangster like my self!
So after two days of midnight tattooing I hope they will enjoy their last day in Copenhagen at the Zoo and not in the studio!


Flora Amalie said...

Hihi, crazy kids!

Matt Lodder said...

What ho, chaps! What is it with Uncle Allan and British customers? You should just move your shop to the Old Kent Road and be done with it!

See you in a few weeks for more British based joy!