Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'll see you there.

This will be the last post from Denmark for a while. Next post will be from our second home, Japan. We are getting a new apartment this time so we don't know how the internet situation will be but we will have internet at Inkrat so we will be able to post at least once in a while.

Here is the last two days of work.

A new trooper is added to the hall of fame. Michael took his first tattoo as a trooper and earned the title! Good job.

This little skull got some final touches.




igl said...

both works; very very nice !!! *****

Hella J said...

God tur!!

MinusAll said...

Have a great trip, cant wait to see some Ink from Japan!

Anonymous said...

Great works!! Have a nice trip!

wonka said...

Hi Allan I follow your blog sice a few moths ago and the truth is I'm learning english ,so I read english's blogs to practice and I found your blog accidentally wanting.
your work is really good,tats and photography
and your wife's hats are cool

so is nice to see good stuffs here
have fun in the travel



Inferno said...

That is beautiful. Awesome work, the contrasts make it really eye popping.

Ectoplasmic said...

That Mermaid looks familiar. Looks like the mermaid drawn by C.C. Askew. I guess some small changes were made, but it looks awfully close to the original.

If I'm lying I'm dying.
Here's the link:

Uncle Allan said...

yeah Ectoplasmic...Your right. I did look at it for pose idea but it wasn't supposed to end up looking this much like it and I didn't even use it for the final reference. But yeah it is really closer than I would have likes it to be.