Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grotesquery Conceiled (Within Measureless Magic)

These two guys came from the Uk and Ireland all thought they both originally come from Polan. After 16 hours without sleep and a long travel to get here we did 5 hours on the dagger. A "classic" choice of design that I have done a few times before but I'm happy with the result and don't feel that he got a piece that I have done already. Well he was happy and I was happy...the dog was happy and I think my wife was happy so that's good right?

You can go to the Conspiracy Inc. Blog to see the whole tattoo and see what else is up in the world of Conspiracy Inc.

Next was this evil Valkyrie (not Tom Cruise) who you can see here sporting the Norwegian national make-up. Don't know what she is up too...but I'm sure it is noooo goood! Or maybe she's just coming from a King Diamond or Dimmu Borgir show. Who knows.

But this guy earned himself the title of trooper by 7 and a half hours of torture!!

These guys had done their homework and brought cake TWO days in a row and there by earned a shared spot as the customer(s) of the month for cake and sitting well for a long time. Good job guys and I am looking forward to do some more crazy mayhemish tattoos when you come back in December.



I was happy too !! Oh ... And def. Dimmu Borgir !!

Anonymous said...

See You in Dec guys, i will deffinetly miss till that time. and i will bring another cacke for sho!!
Peace out!!

Anonymous said...

wow really cool peices dude sat for 7 hrs that is crazy