Sunday, December 14, 2014

Black (X)-Mass

Finally!! I found the time to add the brand new tshirts to the Conspiracy Inc. Webshop. 
There is two different designs, both printed on white and black shirts. Perfect for worshipping Satan and listening to sweet sweet evil tunes... or doing the dishes...what ever. But I was luck to catch Kinga in the middle of some evil satanic ritual, while wearing the new shirts, so I quickly shot some pictures of the mystic seance to present these new items. These shirts are printed by my friend Marco from The Secret under his printing brand Perpetual Lab. There will be some more collaboration between us in a near future.
So hurry over to The Conspiracy Shop and order some new shirts before we run out again. I will do my best to ship them out every other day so that they might make it in time to be under a tree on the 24th... but I obviously can't promise anything since I don't have any power over the post offices... yet! 

There is also still a few Gorgoroth prints and the Morningstar print left at the webshop so go go go!! Go shop!!

More news soon!!

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