Monday, September 1, 2008

After-weekend update!

Amalie and me had an awesome weekend...a real one without too much work. Lots of lots of relaxing time and icecream and coffe and Lucifer and stuff and stuff. That ment less creative stuff to post so here is a bit of tattoo update from last week! Uhhh...I did take some pictures of the hats that Amalie has made so I will post some of those later!

A little update on Stephs mechanical butterfly sleeve.

My bookpusher got her little frog Victor done...and brought cake...banana, chokolate cake!!

Amalie took this picture to proof it!

Today was a short day because I had a cancelation so we have time to go to the movies!! So we decided to see "Wanted"...hope it is as cheasy as I expect!!


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