Saturday, September 20, 2008

3 IN 1

Yesterday I had to do something that I normally don't like...take in 3 customers in one day! Well, normally I do big pieces so I don't have time for more than 2 a day but 2 of these pieces were almost done and only needed 1 hour each.

First was the fox. Crazy pieces on this guy! His first tattoo on the other side of the chest is a crazy rabbit in a rose and more crazy animals will be added later.

Mads here with the big rib piece is a skater and really good at it too. This is his first tattoo. I think we did this in 3 sessions so that's pretty imprssive if you ask me. Good job! Maybe we will see more of him later both with new tattoos but also in pictures of what he does best. We talked about shooting some pictures next time he was in Copenhagen to skate. Could be fun and I need to take some pictures soon!!!!

The last one was Klaus. He had heard that word on the street was that it was a good idea to bring cake when getting tattooed and by is he right. Well he did! Weather he baked that delicious carrot cake himself or if he had help from his girlfriend Katja will remain unsertain but god damn was that delish!!! Anyway! I had only planed to do a short session on him, 3 customers in 1 day and all, but we ended up almost finishing his leg. We just need to boost the background and do the last evil flower right there on the shin so that had to wait.

All in all pretty good for a days work if you ask me!

The rest of the day will be devoted to finishing the flash set that I am doing togehter with my buddy Hunter Spanks. It is supposed to be done for the London Convention so I better get my painting hat on and get going! ...maybe some picture taking!! Need to take pictures of ANYTHING!


R. said...

Damn that fox tattoo is just awsome! You sure have an amazing skill!

Flora Amalie said...

Gule tiger dyr, hvad er du for en mærk'lig fyr, du laver et vældig stort påstyr, gule tiiiger dyr!