Thursday, June 12, 2008


I was gonna post some more pictures from our amazing trip but it seems like we are runing out of space on the computer so I can't transfer pictures from my cameras! DANG IT! So you will have to wait a bit longer for photographic evidence of how much fun we have...unless you drop by Amalies blog, she has some cool pictures! is an update in words.
The Ink And Iron convention in Long Beach was tons of fun!!! Cool people, did great tattoos, had a lot of fun and met new friends too. As always I maneged to finish late every night but we are kinda getting used to that. The antler ladies were supposed to be in an art show on the boat but we couldn't get them there so they just ended up hanging out at the booth where I think more people could see them...nobody could find that damn art show anyway.

The last two days have been spent in the company of our friends from Washington who came to get tattooed. Good times were had and it was fun to hang a bit while they got tattooed...EPIC tattoos were made and I can reveal this much: One is with a Unicorn and the other is of a Hippo! You will just have to wait to see how legendary they are till I get the pictures up!!! AWESOME!!!!

Today we will go back to the magic land of cartoons; Disneyland!

I really really don't wanna go home! It has been soooooo great to hang out with all our buddies here and we just can't get enough of that!!! Maybe we will try to smuggle them with us when we have to go back home!!! We love these fools!

Gotta go!! Hopefully more updates later!

What's that? You really really want to see pictures? Ok here is some that Amalie took! Happy now?

Me and Jon (and Amalies feet) hanging at Sid's Tattooparlor.

Hanging with Hata at the mall

Kaori, My evil twin Klaus and me in front of the Queen Mary.

Klaus, Bill and Stephanie eating great Japanese food!

Me, Klaus and Chriss D at the Ink And Iron.

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