Thursday, May 6, 2010

Monday 13th came twice this year...this time on a Wednesday

We are back in Denmark. Yeah yeah yeah you sucked. The day we got back was fine but the next day!! Started fine but as soon as we stepped out of the apartment, bad things started to happen. That's it! That's all I'm gonna bug you with because I could go on for hours.

Here is some of that last tattoos I did in Japan this time. Look at those and forget about the ranting part of the post.

A realistic version of my newest machine from Rei.

This young Canadian had done his research and decided that I was gonna be the one to do the first tattoo on him. We did this big rib piece in 2 sessions so well done my friend! Good job.

As soon as I get some alone time with my computer here, that doesn't happen late at night, I will start to go through some of the pictures from Japan. I hope there will be a few good series in there somewhere.
Be back soon.


Brendan said...

Killer stuff as usual buddy !

l said...


Michael Brito said...

i love canadians, but only because i am one otherwise i'd hate them. good work as usual mr allan...peace from winnipeg.