Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blood cleanup aisle 3

We just got back from California today. Miss my Californian buddies already!!
I am sorry for the lack of posts but with hangout time and work and friends we weren't left with much blog time...BUT...
Klaus made this video while we were hanging out together. Returning to one of the many supermarkets that we have roamed and goofed around in. The video was shot on his new Canon rebel something something and edited in his lunch break. But if you ask me it could have been made by a pro!! A real Pro and I think Slayer should hire him to do their next music video. Until that happens we will have to settle for this little masterpiece. Prepare for pure thrashing metal mayhem...I give you:

SLAYER, Raining blood, Klaus style!!

WARNING: This video contains heavy material like Bacon drumming and Pentagrams on freezer doors.

Slayer Grocery Store! from Klaus1985 on Vimeo.

You're welcome, Slayer!!

I hope I will have time to go through some pictures soon so we can get this blog back on it's feet. Can't promise too much. I am back at the factory tomorrow where we also will have some cool peeps visiting for a few days but more of that later.


Hella J said...

Det er fandme sjovt!
Velkommen hjem!

Anonymous said...

Been menstruating lately because there aren't any new tattoos on your blog!!:D But I love the blog and hope to see more asap!

- Huge fan

Sam said...

haha that was awesome! That camera shoots frickin awesome video! Now I want one!

Angie Audio said...