Saturday, June 11, 2011

Don't forget about Japan

Helloo hello.

I'm sorry that my first post back from our vacation isn't more interesting than this but it is important though.

Most of you know that Japan mean a lot to me an my wife. It is our second home and my personal favorite place in the world. This is why it's important to us that we can do something to help the country that was shaken to it's knees.
Just because we don't hear about it in the news anymore doesn't mean that they don't still need our help. 
We would like to thank everyone who has already bought a print to help. It has been amazing to see how supportive people have been. Some have even bought more than one to help out. A great present with a good thought behind it.

The red cross campaign is ending in a few days so if you want to help out then hurry up and buy one of these limited prints where all the money goes to red cross and Japan. 

Go HERE to buy one.


GospelAngel said...

Actually, I was very pleased to read today, that Danish people in a small way are still trying to do something. Private people in the comunity of Fredensborg have invited 20 children from the city of Higashi Matsushima to spend a summer vacation here. This city was hit by a 10 meter tsunami, and those children may have lost both their home and their parents.

Still, as a mother I am very proud of the effort that both you and Amalie are doing to raise funds for this cause.

Lots of love and hugs!!

Kim-Anh Nguyen said...

yay! DONE!

Ginge said...

Bravo on your continuing efforts, its no longer "fashoinable" to help japan or haiti ect, good to see some people still making the effort

Best Tatto Designs said...

Yeah.. It's really nice to here that people are helping each other.. It moves me. I'm sure with this kind of mentality we would resolve our conflicts with just conversation and not war.

Good luck on your fund raising man.