Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't you forget about me

Here is a quick little post to show that I'm still here. We have been on stay cation for some time now where I have been working on business cards, stickers and most importantly tshirt designs. More about this really soon...like for real soon. But now I have to make sure that my wife doesn't die of boredom so I have to take her to Sweden and maybe our vacation house.
So here is a little "be right back" sign from me. A couple of tattoos that never made it up here. Got a few more when I have time to unload my camera.

See you soon.


Unknown said...

I love the white than in orange petals of the rose WOW!

MikeKirk said...

I'm really dig'n your work man .. I would love to get tattooed by ya . I have a tattoo studio in NY and been ink'n 18yrs. Hit me up n let's make it happen .
Thanx A



KidKimura said...

Seeing your work on a t-shirt would be cool man. Since I can't make the London convention I guess buying your t-shirt is the only way I can wear your designs, until I can afford a little trip to Denmark!

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Allan I'm here in Copenhagen for the next few weeks tattooing. Would love to meet you! I'm from Las Vegas Nv. If you have any time or anything please let me know. Big inspiration in my life. Here's my email if you could write. Linville460@yahoo.com

Thanks buddy!

Tony L

joe p said...

badass ...that shit looks so nice...soo sooo nice,,-joep

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy. This is Aaron from bane. Lost your email

I am in Denmark with hell on earth tour.

I want to try and get something done. Email me