Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Under the sign of...

Happy new year all.

As I wrote in my last post, I need your help. You might havn't read it and I understand... there were no pictures to look at or anything so I'll explain.

I am putting together stuff for a new book project. The main theme will be Black Metal and everything related or inspired by this. I don't wanna get into why and what right now since that will take too long and besides, you cane read it when you buy the book, wink wink.

The book will be a bit of everything that I do. Everything from photos, paintings, Illustrations, doodles and yes, tattoos.

So here is what I need from you. I want to make a big batch of tattoos specially made for this book. By specially I mean that they fit in the theme and therefor has to fit certain criteria.
You don't have to be on my waiting list to get in on this action so if you want to skip 2 years of waiting list and want to have something evil black metalish done then here is your chance. I will reserve as much of March as possible for this. I obviously need to book March with work so please get back to me about this and appointments as fast as possible, so that I can plan everything.
So here is how it's gonna work:

1) It has to be somehow related to or inspired by Black Metal!
This can be everything from an interpretation of a cover (no reproductions, but my way of drawing it), something with corpse paint, something inspired by a song or lyric, burning churches, "portraits" of members of bands, satan stuff and crap... please just feel free to think of things here. The better the idea the bigger the chance to get a spot. If you aren't sure about your idea then shoot me a mail about it and we will see where we can take it. I can come up with tons of cool ideas but I really want to see where you guys can take it. You can also choose to just give me a spot, size and a few keywords like favorite album, singer, cover, band, image etc and I'll figure out something. Go nuts and evil.

2) I need to be a one session piece
... ABSOLUTELY MAX 2 sessions IF we can finish it in March.
This means that it shouldn't be too big. But everything from palm size to a one session up to 7-8 hours is cool.

3) It needs to be on a spot where I can get a good photo of it.
This means no strange angles between to many other tattoos. Please give me a good spot to work with here. No hands or necks since it is illegal to do in Denmark. No feet since they ALLWAYS photograph badly.

4) Be prepared to let me change details about the design
... so I can make sure that I can use it for this project. This usually isn't a problem with any of my customers...just wanted to make it clear anyway.

The tattoos I will do here won't be published anywhere until they have been printed in this book to make sure that there is something new to look at for the tattoo lovers.
When emailing about appointments make sure to include a few possible dates to make it easier and faster to book everybody in.

I really really hope that there is a lot of you who wants to be a part of this. I will make a little special something for those of you who gets tattooed for this project as a thank you.

So come on people!!! Put on some corpse paint, your favorite Burzum album on the record player and start thinking about what you can get tattooed and then email me asap!!
Normally all bookings goes through Amalie but since I have to check the ideas and stuff you'll have to email me.

Here is a little inspiration to what you can do with the theme. This piece of flash was made specially for the London convention. These designs are inspired by the bands Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth and 1349.


KidKimura said...

What a great opportunity! Is it cool to share this on my blog and help spread the word a bit?

Uncle Allan said...

KidKimura... That would be awesome! Thanks! I need all the help I can get on this so I can get some cool tattoos in my book!!

chris said...

if you were in the states i would so be down! i love black metal and black metal art!

Skatelin said...

I'm really interested to see how your book turns out (and I will most likely be purchasing a copy) I actually came across your work through one of my favorite shops here in Canada. They have a few of your prints hanging up!

Anonymous said...

Why Denmark? Hmmmmm ;( why not germany. Hmmmm Endstille, Graubel........

Tattoo Supply said...

damn son I love that flash - thats is unreal!!