Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Come My Fanatics

It has been a while...
This can be said about the last time I blogged and the last time I had t-shirts for sale. 

I had prepared a long blog post, in my head, where I was gonna tell you all about a bunch of shit that has happened lately but I don't fell like dwelling in it anymore. I want to leave it behind me and move on and get on with my creativity. So just know that there has been stuff going on that took me away from being as creative as before and blogging as well. So with these lines, I close that chapter. 

And boy o boy do we have things in store for you guys!! 

First great news is that I have T-shirts again. Just picked them up today from the printer and I was stoked to see that they got everything right. They look SICK! 
This is my Electric Wizard inspired shirt. I hope you like it. But hey... Who doesn't like sexy witches with big boobs, upside down crosses and pentagrams, and just to top it off she is holding a skull. Right? 
We went for a nicer shirt than the normal band shirt. I myself usually doesn't anything but band shirts so I don't mind, but Amalie and the printer thought that I should trust them on this one and go for something new. I'm glad I did. This shirt fits the design so well. It's not black but more like a really dark gray so it already have a bit of the 70's feel to it. Hope you like it because we sure do. 

So go HERE to read more about it but if you are already stoked as we are about this and just want to get your hands on it right away, just go straight to the shop HERE

While you are at the conspiracy Inc. blog, check out the post about our little witchy event that we are having on the 23rd of June. What better event to sport your brand new groovy stoner Uncle Allan shirt or even to drop by and buy one!! Check that out HERE.
Come hang out and celebrate witches with us. Bring a friend and have a good time. 

I will have some more posts for you people really soon. I have finally started to go through tons of tattoo pictures so there should be something to share with you all soon. Also have tons of Japan pictures that will be posted on the photoblog soon... I hope. 

So lets cross our fingers and hope that I can actually keep my promise about blogging more, this time. I have a good feeling about this. So many things going on so I will have to drop by here more often no matter what! 
So see you soon