Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The jouney continues! 
As part of my never ending project, The Black Metal book, I will be heading back to Norway, more specifically, Bergen. From February 1st till the 8th I will be taking photos of what I believe gives Norwegian Black Metal that unique sound. There is just something about the cold, grim, yet beautiful surroundings that I believe takes root in the sounds no matter if it is intentional or not. 
I want to go back and capture some more of this nature, these trees and also revisit Fantoft Stave church. A famous landmark in the Black metal history. 

But it will not only be all about photos. 
I will be hanging out and tattooing a bit at Let's Buzz. A shop I have known about since I started tattooing back in 1999 but never been to. I am excited about going there and work with this bunch of god people. 
BUT... The spots are limited since my main goal is to take pictures for the book. I already have a few people and regulars lined up but since I still collects stuff for the book... and since I am in Norway... I would love to get to do a few Black Metal Tattoos while I am there. 
So if anyone is interested in getting a black metal tattoo while I'm in Bergen, Norway from the 2nd of febuary till the 7th of febuary please email me at with size, place, idea and what else I would need to know to do your tattoo, and I will try to book it in as soon as possible. Please be patients since I have many mails to answer. 

Should anyone have a great idea for a photo shoot for the book, then please don't hesitate to email me about it. I would be interested in hearing anyones idea if they want to be a part of this book.
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Jimmy Barker said...

Uncle Allan! Long time fan, first time caller or whatever.

Good call on the photography project - never been to Norway, but all of the pictures I've seen make it seem like a perfect breeding ground for the darkest recesses of the soul. You've seen Until the Light Takes Us, and True Norwegian Black Metal, right? Stuff's brutal.

Also, let me ask you this: Kirin, Asahi, or Sapporo?

Uncle Allan said...

Thanks Jimmy.
Yeah I feel that there is a reason why the Norwegian Black Metal sounds colder and more evil than say French Black... The cold and grim nature just adds to the sound.

...Hmmm tough one... Asahi.