Friday, July 31, 2015

It Happened Again...

I was doind soooo well with the blogging .... and then I went to Denmark without the Instax camera... and it has been hard to get back into it again but I will! PROMISE!!

Until then... Important Business!!

Actually I am booking the rest of the year but I have dates I really want to fill.

So just to keep you interested, in case you guys forgot what it is that I am doing, then here is some tattoo pictures. Now who want to get tattooed?? Email me on

Wow... That was a mixed bunch! Ok so lets book those appointments, shall we?

Ohhh... one last thing! I'll be heading back to New York this September. i am waiting to set the work dates with Adam but be ready to book as soon as I announce it on my social media thingies! I have some people booked but there will be a couple of openings. 

The Montreal Convention is full by now. If we emailed about appointments, I will get back to you soon!!

London Tattoo Convention! As the last many years, I will be doing walk up's from remade designs so just drop by and see if there is anything you like. Who ever is ready to get tattooed when I am done with a tattoo will be next. Looking forward to see you all there.

More soon! 

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