Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On the phone!

Today Matt and Steph came from the Uk for a two day tattoo party! Today we finished Stephs phone that we started last year at the London convention. All the lines and black was done so we just had to put some colour in it! It's hard to get a good picture of a fresh tattoo when the black is healed but here it is the spirit of being back in blogging mode!
She told me that someone had actually emailed her about getting a front picture of it so she could get the same tattoo!! DON'T STEAL OTHER PEOPLES TATTOOS!!!! GET YOUR OWN TATTOOS DRAWN FOR YOU!!! And for the tattooers: DON'T STEAL OTHER PEOPLES TATTOOS!! DRAW YOUR OWN TATTOO DESIGN!!


After that we touched up Matts pen that goes through his neck...not good for pictures so he doesn't get in on todays blog action but tomorrow we will start a cool piece on him so tomorrow he will be here too!!



-Straight Edge Photography- said...

Hi Allan

Wow, I really dig your blog man... (never thought I would say that to a grown up man...). I link you on mine and we can be the best blog buddies forever.

Blog you later, blog blog!

Have a blog day and say blog to your blogiful wife.



Hey man !! I really dig this phone tattoo !! Could you be so kind to e-mail me a line drawing of that by tomorrow ? Thanks son !