Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Still here!!!

I am sorry once again for the lack of posts here on my blog! I have been in a strange "mood" since we got back from California. I don't have the go to do anything that has to do with myspace or blogging...well, I do but it feels like I don't have the energy to do it! It will pass and I will be a busy blogger in no time! As the matter of fact, I have thought of a few posts to come with older photoshots I have done! So I guess I am getting there!
Mean while...
Here is a bit of what I have tattooed the last couple of days!

Last Friday our good friends from Sweden/Ireland came to get tattooed. We had to put the final touch on Elins arm and Gar had to get his hand touched up! Forgot the picture!!! We wanted to hang out with those cats some more while they were here but I had stuff to do all Saturday so we had to settle for some quality hangtime Friday! Sorry guys!

Today I had a visit from Italy who got his neck tattooed. I really hate doing necks. The skin is always hard to work with and stuff like that but we did it! One big rose!

After that I finished a cover up that I started a while ago. Even though she bribed us with freshly picked flowers and homebaked cake and buns to get a new appointment, we hadn't been able to squeeze her in before today.

That was it for now! Sorry...I am tired but there will be more soon!

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Flora Amalie said...

Mmmm, good stuff!
Dejligt at du endelig er lidt tilbage i blog mode!