Thursday, July 8, 2010


I guess it is about this time where I nedd to feed you guys a coupke of tattoos to keep you watching.

This post is dedicated to Canadians.

Our awesome friends Liam and Marika came to visit. We met them last year when Cancer Bats played at the Roskilde Festival and they stayed with us the whole weekend. Luckily we weren't the only once having a blast back then so they decided to drop by for some more hang time. This time without having to go or play at a festival. Good food was eaten, 2nd season of True Blood was watched (SOOOOKIE!!), fleamarked was visited and great times were had!
Tattoos were done. I know there will be a few people thinking, "he always say that he won't do it just black and grey and that it need a bit of colour". That is true, I usually try to put a few drops of colour in the mix but if you only have black tattoos already then that's how it's gonna be is some black tattoos. I really liked the look of it and I have been playing around with the idea of doing more heavy black pieces lately so it might happen again.

Liam's terrible mysterious Octapyramid...of U.A.

Marika's skull with a rose right in the eye!

It was really cool to have friends coming over like that. We work so much on either the shop or tattooing that we rarely have time to hang out with anyone in Denmark so it is awesome when good peeps comes visit like that. So nice house guests too. More praise to the Canadian friends in a post coming soon.

While Liam and Marika was here I also had a customer from Canada. They had even met each other before. Funny. Anyway. She got the head of Marie Antoinette...without the body. Kinda eyes rolled back in the head dead. Fun piece!!

She be dead!

Today is the first of 4 drawing days I have pencilled in! AWESOME!!! We have some room on the walls at the shop that needs to be filled and some empty frames to go with it. I also have plans for a little photo shoot with my skating customer Mads. You know his pieces and I will remind you when we get to that. Now...drawing time.



Save some wall space for me , eh !!!

Babe in Swampland said...

i am from louisiana, & sookie's voice is so terrible, haha. but i do love the show!

Petri said...

Black is always the new black.

tattoo said...

just like this?