Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello again my good blog readers. As always I would like to apologies for the absence from this here blog. It hasn't been because of the lack of time (well, also that) but more the lack of stuff to post. I have been starting a bunch of pieces but not finishing a lot and some that I have finished have not been ready for their photo so today I will bring you the one finished tattoo that I did get a picture of.

Mr. J. Bram is a pinstriper and graphic designer. I have done a few tattoos on him already and this one was to celebrate the tools of his trade. The ohhhh so mystical art of pinstriping!! uhhhh...well not really that mystical but who doesn't like a bit of freemasonry sort of thing?

I have been working on some other projects but it is too soon to reveal any of it. I will keep you posted as soon as I figure out how much to leak to you guys.
If you wanna see some of the progress tattoos that I have worked on then follow me on twitter since I usually post them there.

I other news!! We have booked our tickets to Japan! From the 29th of March till the 7th of May we will be in the land of the sun again and back with our good friends in Tokyo at Ink Rat Tattoo. We are trying to put my work schedule together so let me know if you are thinking about dropping by Japan to get something done. More about that later.



EA said...

Hey UA, Great work as usual.
So basically this is also saying it wont be possible to fetch you at copenhagen ink in beginning of april ? ...unless...humanity invents the teleporter within weeks for public use!!?? :)
Erik schweeeden

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

HIi Allan. Nice new style of blogging, I like it! I have one Q! How did you get the "bar link" to your photo blog seeing on the right side? Do you have any advice on this one bro!?

Mtt Siam

Flora Amalie said...

You're asking the wrong Larsen, send me a mail and i'll explain!

mitch said...

Hi Allan,

I'll be moving to Japan at the beginning of April to teach English around Nagano, not too far from Tokyo, and am hoping to get some work done. It's really great timing that you'll be there right when I arrive.

I've had a few things done at Sid's Tattoo in LA and have been hoping for a chance to run into you since.

Anyways, would love to talk more but not sure how to go about it. My e-mail is


AWHIZ said...

Awesome! I'll be in JP for a bit then. Would love to get something done by you. How do I set something up? Not seein it on your site...

Feel free to hit me up at

Flora Amalie said...

You guys, visit the shop blog, link is on your right and all info on booking can be found there.