Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sigh no more

The frustration about not having anything new to post here on my blog has now forced me to make a blog post...without pictures!! Ughrrr..! I hate blogging without pictures but I don't wanna post a pitty picture either. The hard life of a blogger.

It feels like forever since I have finished anything that I could get a good picture of. It seams like I have been starting a tons of things and finished a bunch of old pieces and some new ones where I just couldn't get a good picture because swelling or bleeding or the annoying contrast between old and new. Even though I have posted pictures on my twitter and Instagram it just doesn't feel the same as keeping you dear followers updated. So once again sorry for the absence but it has nothing to do with not wanting to blog. 

I wanna use this post for something good anyway. UPDATES!!!

First up: Artshow. I did a flash painting for the Cut N Color for the Tattoo Flash show at The Pretty Pretty Collective in San Francisco. It will be for sale but since we want you people near by to go see it and the rest of the pieces in person there will be no pictures of it until after the opening. Go check it out. It should be a great show with some great artists. I am stoked to have been invited to join. Wish I could be there for the opening! Hopefully we will be able to drop by San Francisco on our holiday this summer and say hi to the nice people behind the last two shows that I have been a part of. 
The show opens on March 12. Go here for more details.

Our Japan trip is getting closer! Can't wait to be back in my happyplace!! 
Workdates should be kinda in place so if you wanna get something done in Japan then write me an email with idea, placement, size and what dates you are available for. Write me on
As always I will be working with the amazing Ink Rats in Koenji, Tokyo. You can also email Hata on to book an appointment. We will be in Japan from the 30th of March till the 7th of May

I have also been invited to join the Tokyo Tattoo Convention organized by Tokyo Hardcore from the 29th of April to the 1st of May. Again should you be around and want to get a piece done then send me a mail with placement and Idea but remember that it is on a convention so there will be places that I won't be doing in order to not destroy my back. 
More details about the show when I get them. 

Bizarre magazine has just finished a thingy about me that will be in an upcoming issue. Looking forward to see the finished print with fancy pictures from the new shop. 

Speaking of shop. Some might have seen previews of the new workroom on the Conspiracy blog. It looks amazing!! There is still many things that needs to hung on the walls but it is already looking really really epic. Flora have been changing our drawing room too. Looks better than ever but also needs a few last touches. Drop by to see for your self.

Speaking of Flora: Check out her new and improved website that she made! 

I am currently trying to get into making a bunch of paintings for tshirts, prints, stickers and businesscards. Got a few prints that I wanna do but I'm trying to figure out what size and paper and so on. Hopefully soon there will be new goodies to spend your hard earned money on. 

It is time for me to go renew my passport and then go finish another old piece that I won't be able to get a good picture of... Sigh...
Thursday and friday should be new one shots so hopefully there will be something new to look at soon. 

Until then. 


igl said...

you could post a photo of your small score at COD ! ;-)

Martin Mentzoni said...

R u kidding; BIZARRE Magazine?!!:D
That mag is one of my favz and it's freakin awzm! Stoked on u getting some pics n' words in that, Me n' ron will buy it n_n

-Martin CatZilla Sushipillar <3