Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?

Richard and Ria came back for some new tattoos. It was nice for once to start and finish a few pieces so I could have something to show here on the blog.

Richard got him self a tribute to his favourite Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the lost ark. He wanted it to be subtle so we went with a cobra coiled around the Idol from the opening of the movie. Geeks will know.

Ria likes her bird tattoos and is aiming for the award for lady with most bird tattoos. She does have a bit of a way to go but we are working on it. You can see the two budgies we did last time on her other leg. This time...more love birds. A magpie with some bling bling for the other magpie. Are you trying to tell your boyfriend something? Any signals here?

It was great to have them over again and we are already looking forward to the next visit.

I think there was a bunch of things that I wanted to write here but I have forgotten. Maybe next time. Hopefully it won't be as long a break this time.

I have just posted some photos of my grandma on the photoblog. We went to my dads 60 years birthday yesterday. did a hit n run photoshoot of my 84 old grandma as a present for my dad and to have a photo of my grandma myself.


Rich said...

Look forward to coming back too.......thanks again & stay metal! :)

igl said...

you are a true ornithologist, and snake- whisperer, Sir !!! pretty nice artwork ! respectfully :-)